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hat about the monitor?”

Qiao Muyi pondered for a moment, and said: “I will inform her family, but I will not explain the situation, nor will Xiao Suo fall into the same state of sleep. I will directly let her family come here in person. If her family insists on being sent to the hospital, them.” “He is not […]

led unconsciously.

Jiang Hao felt that Jane’s body was trembling, and he felt funny in his heart. Where did the queen’s energy just go,南京夜生活论坛 and now it is not under me. Forget it, don’t torture her. “System, charge this vampire.” “Ding~~The system is charging, 10~~9~~8…”. Chapter 1031: The Alaska (repair) system countdown sound keeps ringing in Jiang […]

hoto of his most embarrassing moment… “Papa!” An egg hit the top of Zhou Hua’s head, hit the white police cap, and dyed the front end of the cap yellow.

Zhou Huabiao stood up 南京419论坛 straight, did not flinch, and put on a brave attitude. “Kacha, Kacha…” At this time, the media police slapped him frantically. Similarly, both sides smashed the eggs, but as the two sides have different auras, they showed completely two pictures. A heroic guardian! An obscene and obscene! “It’s good!” Holding […]

a long time.

However, everything is not as important as “Priest Jedi”! The reason why Ren Suo had to buy “Priest Jedi” is mainly because its exclusive reward is “Healing Touch”! This is the first time Ren Suo has seen an exclusive reward that looks like magic! And literally, it also looks like a healing skill! If Ren […]

ecca, you are the person in charge of the magic technology department, this facility will be managed by you in the future. There will be special magic technology in it. The laboratory, you can use it whatever you want.”

Rebecca stunned, her eyes widened suddenly: “Really?!” Heidi was taken aback: “Ancestor, are you sure you want her to manage this facility alone? ” She has completed several magic technology projects, and she has done a good job in the position of the head of the technical department, isn’t she?” Gao Wen smiled and glanced […]