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like now.” The middle-aged man pointed to his ears and mouth: “I feel a snail crawling in my ears. I also feel that there is a syringe filled with medicine in my throat. I know this is just my hallucination, but it feels too real.” Combined with the various behaviors before the hospital, Chen Ge’s eyes changed when he looked at Doctor Fang. He felt that those things might actually exist in Doctor Fang’s body, which might not be an illusion. At night, Doctor Fang talked a lot. I don’t know if it was because of his eagerness to communicate with others, or because of the vigilance that Chen Ge made him let go of. “Brother Fang, can I see your throat? You feel that there is a syringe in your throat. What if there is it in there?” Chen Ge sat up from the bed. Doctor Fang looked at Chen Ge, his expression is a bit complicated now. Chen Ge’s ability to say such things shows that Chen Ge is obviously also mentally ill, but what makes Doctor Fang feel strange is that he actually heard a hint of concern from Chen Ge’s words. “Is this a care between patients?” Doctor Fang labeled Chen Ge a kind-hearted lunatic in his heart. “The mouth is open.” Chen Ge moved to Doctor Fang’s bed. He looked at Doctor Fang’s throat, and his pupils began to shrink involuntarily. The deep esophagus is like a black hole with no end, Chen Ge’s eyes are drawn, and the whole person seems to be slowly attracted to Doctor Fang’s mouth. His consciousness kept sinking, and when his pupils shrank to the limit, he saw a human face deep in Doctor Fang’s throat! Flesh and flesh envelops the skin, the face closed his eyes and hidden in the deepest part of the esophagus. There is a person in Doctor Fang’s throat! The body was pushed away, Chen Ge’s pupils returned to normal, and he looked at Doctor Fang in surprise. “Why are you looking at me with such a look? Is there really a syringe in my throat?” Doctor Fang sat on the edge of the bed, his heart frizzy when Chen Ge looked at him. “There is no syringe, but I saw a human face in your throat. H
eave from there.” After Jia Ming finished speaking, he led the others into the blood mist.

Chapter 679 The mayor’s suicide note After finishing the confession and confirming 南京炮网 that there were no omissions, Chen Ge gathered all the living people together. “Xiaobu, open the door.” Except for the two arms, Xiaobu has recovered most of her body. She stood in front of the door, all kinds of bad memories appeared […]

ttom of those monotheistic text of a series of student, shouted:” and then on! The three wars are not over yet, do you even have the courage? “

Old Sun Ge looked at him coldly and didn’t say any more. Su Yu, a student, jumped too much! “Li Shiyun, come on! Kill him, kill him, everyone will reward him with 1000 merits! One place in the sea of ??knowledge! Seriously injured him, award 1000 merits, no quota!” He voiced to the five strongest […]

led unconsciously.

Jiang Hao felt that Jane’s body was trembling, and he felt funny in his heart. Where did the queen’s energy just go,南京夜生活论坛 and now it is not under me. Forget it, don’t torture her. “System, charge this vampire.” “Ding~~The system is charging, 10~~9~~8…”. Chapter 1031: The Alaska (repair) system countdown sound keeps ringing in Jiang […]

a long time.

However, everything is not as important as “Priest Jedi”! The reason why Ren Suo had to buy “Priest Jedi” is mainly because its exclusive reward is “Healing Touch”! This is the first time Ren Suo has seen an exclusive reward that looks like magic! And literally, it also looks like a healing skill! If Ren […]


e sense of security brought by steel and shields was instantly weakened. Knight Mitchell also forcibly mustered up the courage to stay calm, but several soldiers of the king had already prayed in fear. . But Mitchell couldn’t blame these soldiers because they had experienced a tragic failure, had experienced more than one escape, and […]