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her. Is this a cooperation?

Maybe count it! After a while. The fire passer has arrived. Everyone looked at the passage presented by Su Yu with a wave 南京龙凤网 of hands. They were all slightly surprised. Didn’t Su Yu hide it? After going to the upper bound, isn’t this passage exposed? The thunderstorm also frowned slightly. In fact, when he […]

g Zhenzhen’s house. When Jiajia saw Jiang Hao, he immediately greeted with a smile: “Master Jiang, I have not eaten breakfast yet, I have already done it.”

Jiang Hao looked at the breakfast on the table and said with a smile “Then I’m not welcome.” “It’s specially prepared for you, what’s your kind.” Jiajia gave Jiang Haosheng the gruel with a smile on his face. Wang Zhenzhen and Ma Xiaoling walked out of the house. When Jiajia said this, Ma Xiaoling said […]

doctor came over quickly and performed various examinations on Diana. The results of the examinations were very gratifying.

The attending doctor told them that in the misfortune, there was no problem with the head, a broken leg, a broken sternum, and a chest and lung injury, but they could all recover. At night, Diana’s spirit basically returned to normal, and Jiang Hao sat next to her, always holding her hand. Diana rubbed Jianghao’s […]

f who needs to become a werewolf to fight. Based on the fighting skills in the wolf body and his mind, he figured out a set of werewolf fighting methods that are suitable for dogs. Zi Wangcai.

As for the name’The Method of Wild Wolf Battle’, Jiang Hao just came up casually. Kuaiyin’s face changed, and the sigh of emotion that had just faded away. Originally, he was thinking 南京炮网 of revenge, but now it seems that it is a bit difficult. The Scarlet Witch had been holding the camera to take […]


y invest in companies, stocks, real estate and other industries, and, moreover, form their own politics. people network. Komaki said, “Boss, we are Chinese. The Japanese are very resistant to foreigners. They don’t have the natural advantages like Japanese gangs. It may be very difficult to form a political network.” Jiang Hao said in a […]