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ation of the ten thousand realms!

So even if it faces the Lord of the Forbidden Land, it will not be timid. Of course, it is mainly related to its strength reaching 30 Dao. Some 30 Dao powerhouses have opened the Forbidden Land. The bright holy tiger didn’t feel clearly there. It wanted to get closer, but suddenly 南京龙凤论坛 its huge […]


I see, you are being troubled by the Zheng family. Didn’t you ask the teacher for me to carry the pot, I don’t carry it, and the things I picked up, I keep it, and stand it up by myself! Su Yu is speechless! Why do I think you have the ability to predict the […]

the first time he encountered a fortune-teller on the street, but just look at this kind of thing. I heard that 100% of this kind of fortune-telling is a liar.

However, just as the two passed by, the fortune teller suddenly took Ren Xiaosu’s arm, but when he saw Ren Xiaosu’s backhand, he held the other’s wrist, locked the fortune teller and carried it into the small alley. Ren Xiaosu glanced around and said, “What are you doing?” When no one noticed them, Ren Xiaosu […]

Chen Ge’s strength is constantly getting stronger, but his path is different from everyone else. The path he chose is very dangerous. He almost surrenders his life and death to Li Gui. What kind of trust does a person have to do? Dare to make such a choice.

He tried to stuff the high-heeled shoes into his pocket. After a long time, he found that they couldn’t fit in, so he had to put them back into the backpack. “The Skull Smasher is a disguise. The real killer is the red high heels. I guess no one would have thought that my weapon […]

here will be no place to bury you!

Become cannon fodder, become abandoned! In his opinion, Su Yu at this moment was just taking the opportunity to entice 南京桑拿会所 ordinary students to rebel against the single divine texts and use them as cannon fodder. He doesn’t like Su Yu! I feel upright, but my mind is gloomy. Liu Hong is a hypocrite, and […]