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su surrender, and you can save your life. If you don’t follow it, your entire Bone Door, regardless of age, sex, or size. Xiao, kill them all!!!”

The disciple was so scared that he fell straight down in the air, and then ran to the direction of the sect, and went to report.
As soon as he entered the main hall, the disciple shouted: “The master, it’s not good, there are enemies
coming .” The figure on the main seat of the main hall flashed, and the Bone Demon appeared. This guy was skinny and his eyes were dark, and he really looked like a skeleton frame. He didn’t have any popularity, on the contrary, his corpse energy was extremely heavy.
The so-called White Bone Demon Lord is not like the White Bone Essence, who is really cultivated by the skeleton frame, but their practice is practiced with bones, using 南京品茶网 bones to refine magic weapons, so they are called the White Bone Gate.
What the Bone Sect most likes to do is to dig the bones of powerful people, whether it is a righteous 南京419论坛 monk, a wicked sect, a demon path, or even a demon cultivator.
They also excavate the bones of fierce beasts, monster beasts, fairy beasts, and sacred beasts.
The original owners of these bones were all powerful people before death. They cultivated profoundly, and the bones also contained great energy, just like Buddha bone relics.
After their deaths, the primordial spirit disperses, the consciousness is gone, and the flesh is corrupted. The only thing that can be preserved for a long time is the bones, which can be preserved for millions or even tens of millions of years.
The bones of these powerful beings are treasures of genius in the eyes of the Bone Sect monks. They can absorb the energy inside for cultivation, use it to refine magic weapons, and even make bone puppets to assist in battle.
However, because they often dig other 南京龙凤论坛 people’s ancestral graves and do not distinguish between righteous and evil sects, Bone Bone Sect is very unfamiliar between righteous and evil sects, and there are many people who