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o, the new card pool “God Eater”!

When Yu Fei was learning Xuan Guohua before, he saw a joke:
a friend I knew became a bus, what should I think of him?
Answer: Is your friend an alien from the planet Cybertron?
Now Yuffi almost looks at Ren Suo with the eyes of an alien.
At noon, the group of them chose to eat at the most popular 南京夜生活论坛 Orleans Café in New Orleans Square. After ordering, Xiao Jiu and Karen took Ren Suo to buy pineapple ice cream, Tisrael and Walter Butler naturally went to guard and help with things, leaving two tables of beautiful girls with different styles, pleasant to the ears. The voice, the smile of the beauties and the smell of the food make people wonder if the fairy tale world has come.
Although it sounds tempting, in fact the area where they sit has almost become an airspace, and the closest guests are separated by a table from them. In the noisy Disneyland, only a little peace can be enjoyed here.
In fact, whether it is Yuffi or Dong Chengling, when they go out, they will naturally dissipate their extraordinary coercion, making ordinary people subconsciously choose to avoid them, and all thoughts about them are automatically annihilated.
Although 99.9% of the people in this world are 南京龙凤网 basically not qualified to make them feel troubled, they are not interested in making trouble when they travel-they are not so boring.
Yu Fei looked at them, hesitant to speak, but hesitated, hesitated for a long time before tentatively asking: “Are you all awakened?”
Dong Chengling was startled slightly, and looked around for a week before nodding: “Du Yes.”
Don’t say, don’t know, everyone suddenly discovered that Dong Chengling, Qiao Muyi, Gu Yueyan, Ren Xingmei, and Lin Xianyu were all awakened.
Qiao Muyi couldn’t help smiling and said, “Hey~ So, Xiao Suo is actually an awakening fetish? A new hobby that will only appear in the era of aura recovery?”
Ren Xingmei: “No ordinary people, no ordinary beauties, no ordinary beauty monks, just As long as the beautiful monk is