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ecca, you are the person in charge of the magic technology department, this facility will be managed by you in the future. There will be special magic technology in it. The laboratory, you can use it whatever you want.”

Rebecca stunned, her eyes widened suddenly: “Really?!”
Heidi was taken aback: “Ancestor, are you sure you want her to manage this facility alone? ”
She has completed several magic technology projects, and she has done a good job in the position of the head of the technical department, isn’t she?” Gao Wen smiled and glanced at Hetty. “The magic technicians do not admire her.” ”
But theoretical research and experimental operations are not the same,” Heidi looked worried. “She has made countless explosions in the laboratory since she was a child.”
Gawain knew that Heidi had been a little too nervous in this regard. This kind of tension was not a problem before Rebecca became an adult, but it will 南京夜生活论坛 inevitably become a factor affecting the development of the latter in the future, so he simply took 南京品茶网 advantage of it. This opportunity to express my thoughts: “Heidi, do you realize the difference between magical technology and traditional magic research?”
“The difference?” Heidi blinked. “What do you mean?”
“Actually, I know the laboratory where Rebecca secretly tossed you mentioned. I knew it more than a month ago,” Gawain said unhurriedly, while Rebecca next to him shrank her neck subconsciously.” But I never did, because I know Rebecca’s talent, her talent in magic technology.
“She does often create explosions in the magic laboratory, but except for part of the reason that she rarely enters the laboratory. In addition to the lack of experience, the more important reason is that she cannot control most of the devices in the traditional magic laboratory. Those experimental devices require too much the talent of the operator, and their 南京水磨会所 assistance to manpower is extremely limited, so that the traditional magic experiment is absolutely impossible. Most of the operations and observ