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a long time.

However, everything is not as important as “Priest Jedi”!
The reason why Ren Suo had to buy “Priest Jedi” is mainly because its exclusive reward is “Healing Touch”!
This is the first time Ren Suo has seen an exclusive reward that looks like magic!
And literally, it also looks like a healing skill!
If Ren Suo is not sure before, then after using the “Strengthening Heart” technique, he can basically be sure that the skills given by the game console can be used in reality. So, if he can acquire a healing skill
Aside from other things, Ren Suo can basically 南京龙凤网 say goodbye to minor illnesses and pains. Of course, there is another possibility, that is, the “treatment touch” is very scientific. It may not be able to treat a cold. It can only speed up the body’s recovery ability.
But this alone is enough.
Ren Suo’s grandma passed away three years ago due to various senile diseases.
He has always kissed his grandparents, and because of this, he almost wanted to switch to the medical profession.
However, Ren Suo was relieved later because of his lack of IQ and the sorrow that time dilutes.
This is the limitation of modern medicine, this is the limitation of the times.
People have to adapt to life, accustomed to life and death. Among other things, if Ren Suo had no accidents in the future, he would probably have to watch his father and mother leave.
If the intubation behind the head, the informationization of the soul, and the hibernation technology have not been invented in the future, then all of this will be unstoppable.
However, at the moment of seeing the “Healing Touch”, Ren Suo couldn’t calm down.
Science can’t save damn people, so what about non-science?
Even if this skill can only cure 南京龙凤论坛 sickness, then in the future, Ren Suo will no longer have to see that his relatives will be tortured by illness.
Not to mention, Ren Suo can also eat spicy, fried and other unhealthy foods, and there is no need to worry about various benefits such as getting angry and getting ac