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hat about the monitor?”

Qiao Muyi pondered for a moment, and said: “I will inform her family, but I will not explain the situation, nor will Xiao Suo fall into the same state of sleep. I will directly let her family come here in person. If her family insists on being sent to the hospital, them.”
“He is not awake yet.” Qiao Muyi refused, and quickly changed the subject. .
Gu Yueyan is different from Ren Suo. Gu Yueyan doesn’t have so many secrets, and there should be no accidents when he is sent to hospital for treatment.
After thinking about it, Qiao Muyi walked to the balcony and dialed the old-style mobile phone.
“Let me talk about it.”
Dong Chengling walked over and said, 南京品茶网 “Yueyan is my student, my sister, and it should be me to inform her parents.”
Qiao Muyi shook his head, “No need. You don’t get involved, just let me come forward. They won’t blame me, but they may blame you.”
“It’s right to blame me, I’m less than ten meters away from them, but”
“No, you have to. Help me take care of Xiao Suo.”
Dong Chengling smiled slightly: “This is not for you.”
Gu Wenyi’s phone didn’t get through. It is estimated that he was the one who was sleeping and shutting down, so Qiao Muyi chose to call Gu Yuexuan.
“Whatever you say.”
“Xiao Qiao, I didn’t blame you.”
Qiao Muyi looked at Dong Chengling, and Dong Chengling said calmly: “Although you pull the cable to his room, you still close the door and turn off the lights; In the kitchen less than ten meters away from you, I will help you prepare supper; 南京龙凤网 although you can’t think of covering his mouth with your hands, you have to use your lips, but I believe that Xiao Qiao, you have done your best, and Suo’s deep sleep is force majeure.”
Qiao Muyi looked at Dong Chengling with complicated eyes. She felt that if Ren Suo had not suddenly fallen asleep, she might have decided on the throne of the’Lianjiang No. 1 Powerhouse’ tonight-of course, she had never been afraid.
“Thank you.” Qiao Muyi nodded and said.
“So” Dong Chen