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her” with your body first! Block the bullets for the boss!

Wow, immediately a group of leaders and police officers who led the delegation got up and quickly searched for bunkers. The venue was once in great chaos.
“There is a sniper!” 南京桑拿会所
The New York City policemen in charge of UN security immediately Rush out and take the stage to rescue the “U.S. representative”!
“NO.1 call for support!”
“NO.1 call for support!”
“There was a shooting incident on the first floor of the United Nations, immediately send police to support the scene.”
A New York inspector in uniform stood by the corner wall and took out the walkie-talkie. Press the intercom to call.
Eight hundred meters away.
A low-rise building, the roof.
A Chinese man with yellow hair, a thin body and a treacherous expression put away a sniper rifle, brushed it, pulled up the gun bag, and backhanded the backpack onto the shelf.
He turned and fled the scene of the crime as soon as he stepped.
“Hu” Zhuang Shikai took a deep breath, hid behind a column in the venue, straightened his tie with his 南京炮网 hands, and kept absolutely handsome.
The scene that was slightly chaotic just now made his black striped suit and tie a little messy.
This makes him very upset.
As for a mere shooting?
He really didn’t take it seriously.
Of course, the sniper’s position is too far away, and his inspiration scan will not spread, otherwise the sniper’s position will be locked.
It is estimated that the sniper has gone far.
At this moment, a large number of city police officers rushed to the scene and began to maintain order on the scene.
The delegations of various countries bent over and evacuated the conference hall one by one, hiding in the front hall of the building covered by walls.
I saw that the number two or three hundred of the delegations of various countries, all of them are regional/national police leaders, but gathered in the lobby, it seems that they are in chaos, and they are somewhat depressed