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er finishing the finishing, he suddenly came to Noggs and looked up at him.

Here .” Agata held a box in his hand and threw it to Noggs. Noggs subconsciously reached out and caught the wooden box. He opened it and looked at the contents of the wooden box and found that it was a bunch with colorful Petals of flowers.
These petals are spliced ??together and belong to a kind of ornament.
“My mother gave it to me, Voss and Fissley. I also did other people’s.” Agata took out the other twenty or so gift boxes, like Santa Claus giving gifts. Threw it to General Voss next to Noggs.
Before the two generals opened the gift box, Agata directly picked up the heavy backpack behind him.
“It should be no problem to return home in two months, then I will go.” After
Agata waved at them, he carried his backpack and walked towards 南京炮网 the distant plain.
Noggs did not look at the girl again, and threw the gift box in his hand to General Voss next to him, turned and walked towards the fortress.
“His Royal Highness, what should I do with these things” General Voss asked, holding a pile of gifts in his hand.
“Whatever you do,”
Noggs left this sentence and walked into the fortress.
Nolan late at night, dinner time in the Hearthstone Tavern.
“When I was in the Crystal Palace yesterday, my mentor went to find the Grand Duke of the Undead.” Xili’s dining fork prodded the barbecue in front of her and said to Qiao Xiu suddenly, “The person in purple seems to have seen through the illusion of the Grand Duke of the Undead.”
” Ah. Cough”
When Xili was talking about this, Qiao Xiu happened to be drinking hot milk, and he was directly choked.
“The person in purple 南京水磨会所 has seen through the breath shield of the Holy Spirit cloth, and it is the result.” Qiao Xiu immediately asked Xili, but Xili who usually used this opportunity to complain about it was replaced by a worried expression.
“There is no conflict. My mentor is just asking about ways to extend my life.” Xili whispered, “She hasn’t much time.”