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na – sure enough, she was already a 4-star game character.

In the sky above Tokyo, the sage was shown in front of the people, and the whole 南京炮网 process was broadcast live. This is not a one-star increase, and it is impossible to justify.
In other words, Irina, like the collector, is already a character that Ren Suo cannot summon with “Qingquan Liuxiang”.
Then Ren Suo equipped himself with a “data stream” and gave himself a shot, and he was immediately happy-his cultivation base has reached 95.2%!
Regardless of this, it seems that it has only risen a little, but Ren Suo discovered when he was promoted to Rank 1 and Rank 2 that the further he went, the slower his cultivation progress would be.
If the world aura maintains this level in the future, then his talent limit is three revolutions. He tried his best to climb to the third revolution, which is reasonable.
Now relying on “Hands of Destiny” to fight monsters, he can easily overcome these difficulties that require hard time,南京419论坛 and Ren Suo is no longer in vain.
There are two ways of saying here: First, the talent is the bottleneck; second, the aura is approaching a qualitative change. Just like blowing a balloon bigger, it is easy to blow up quickly in the front, and not only is it harder 南京龙凤网and harder to blow in the back, it is also difficult to blow up.
If it was Ren Suo alone, the little bit left now would cost him a few months. After all, his talent was there.
Civil servants who were nearly as talented as him at the same time have not even made a breakthrough in the second grade now!
Not to mention that Ren Suo actually didn’t kill a few violent sins, most of the blame was cleared by Irina.
Thinking of this, Ren Suo felt a loss of several hundred million-if he had cleaned up all the more than four hundred violent sins, he might be able to break through now!
‘It’s not fun to play games, that’s the end! ‘Ren Suo kept this lesson in mind.
At night, Dong Chengling still didn’t come back, so Ren Suo had to take Xiao Jiu to the dining ha