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hoto of his most embarrassing moment… “Papa!” An egg hit the top of Zhou Hua’s head, hit the white police cap, and dyed the front end of the cap yellow.

Zhou Huabiao stood up 南京419论坛 straight, did not flinch, and put on a brave attitude.
“Kacha, Kacha…” At this time, the media police slapped him frantically.
Similarly, both sides smashed the eggs, but as the two sides have different auras, they showed completely two pictures.
A heroic guardian! An obscene and obscene!
“It’s good!” Holding the baton, Zhou Huabiao secretly exclaimed,
“Who! Who! Who smashed the egg!” Blanche cleaned his hair and cursed in the crowd.
“Last warning!” At this moment, the sheriff raised the crimson banner and issued a final warning to the front.
Then various eggs and cabbage smashed at him, but he stood still, still holding the banner high.
“Sir! The final warning is over!” Li Ying suddenly turned around, and Uncle Biao raised his hand: “Three minutes to prepare!”
“Three minutes to prepare!” Li Yingang raised his neck and shouted 南京桑拿论坛 loudly. The officers of the explosion-proof group immediately changed their expressions. Squeezing the baton tightly, his breathing began to heavier…
Zhou Huabiao’s three-minute preparation was not only for the police officers, but also for the “troublemakers”!
“Chang! Cang! Cang!” In just two minutes, the troublemakers who threw their food and eggs lost their “ammunition”, and then one by one showed the machete.
They don’t know where the chopper came from, anyway, after throwing out the eggs and cabbage, the rest will use whatever they hand over!
Chaos always starts with chaos!
“Return the equity! Reorganize the company!” Suddenly someone in the crowd rang out a slogan.
The same slogan is shouted at different times and obviously has different effects.
The slogan instantly detonated the emotions of the current marchers and pushed the march to the climax in one fell swoop!
With a weapon in your body, kill yourself! Those with weapons and those without weapons are jus